Story Time – I used to feel that at times I was cursed with the dreaded brain fog. I think I have been afflicted with this for as long as I can remember. Once I dug up my elementary school report cards for a laugh. Comments like “has trouble completing tasks” and “lacks focus” were constant themes. If I am honest, I felt that it was no laughing matter and I wanted to fix it if possible. For a long time I just made the best of things because a viable solution did not exist.

Eventually I stumbled upon some interesting scientific break grounds in the field of “smart drugs”. Wait a minute…SMART DRUGS? How long as this been going on. What on earth is a smart drug?

A Smart Drug is a substance or supplement that is designed to make you more intelligent or help you think more clearly.

I was skeptical to say the least, but I was still hopeful. I knew I needed to get my hands on some of these smart drugs. Now that was not as easy as it sounds. You have to understand that Nu-Brain Plus simply did not exist nor did companies like HealthyNUliving.

Undeterred, I started doing some research. Rather surprisingly I discovered that several emerging companies were selling smart drugs via mail. I ordered several different powders and waited impatiently for the Fedex man to arrive with my highly suspicious package of white powder. Fortunately smart drugs are 100% legal, well at least the ones in Nu-Brain Plus are (so are the ones I ordered.

I measured up my doses carefully, whilst wasting half of it through spillage!

I even made my own tablets. You can tell I was serious. I knocked back two tablets and waited 30 minutes.

So Did It Work?

I have to tread carefully here and not make any health claims. All I can tell you was that these smart drugs worked exactly as advertised, even better really. My expectations were truly surpassed.

10 years later there is no need to go to so much trouble. HealthyNUliving has released an incredible smart drug formula called Nu-Brain Plus formula. And it contains one of the most potent brain boosters ever discovered, DMAE!

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Why Does Nu-Brain Plus Formula Contain DMAE

It takes a lot before scientists start paying attention to new supplements. People have been taking DMAE and reporting massive improvements to mental clarity, focus, memory, creativity and other great effects. I am not going to make any health claims, but at some point you have to start paying attention to what a lot of people are saying.


What Can We Say About The DMAE in Nu-Brain Plus Formula

I cannot make any health claims, but I can point out of some the science behind it.

Scientists believe that DMAE seems to be responsible for the production of acetylcholine.  We know that acetylcholine is a neurotrasmitter which helps the neurons in the brain transmit signals. So scientists are aware that DMAE seems to produce this neurotransmitter. Now scientists are finding that taking DMAE seems to have a brain boosting effect.

One one study they admitted that DMAE seemed more than like to have a significant effect in the treatment of ADHD symptoms.

Can I say that Nu-brain plus formula will have these effects.

No, I cannot make health claims. All I can say is that other people have found DMAE to work very well for them. Secondly scientists have backed this up with research. Thirdly, this product by HealthyNUliving called Nu-Brain Plus formula, contains DMAE. I will let you do the math!