HealthyNUliving have a flag ship product known as Nu-Brain Plus formula. Packed inside each capsule is a proprietary blend of brain boosting supplements. One key ingredient is L-Glutamine. Maybe you were wondering why L-Glutamin is included in the Nu-Brain Plus formula? In this article we are going to discuss some of the things that we know about this key supplement.

DISCLAIMER – Without making any health claims about Nu-Brain Plus formula, I am going to examine some scientific studies about one key ingredient (L-Glutamin). I am not claiming you will experience any of these effects from taking Nu-Brain Plus formula.

Several studies claim that L-glutamine can help improve attentiveness, focus, mental sharpness, cognitive recall and even mood. I will include links to these studies further down.

L-glutamine is  what is known as an essential amino acid that is involved in the bodies production of neurotransmitters in the brain (glutamate and GABA).

Out of all of the body’s amino acids, Glutamine is the most prevalent one occurring. Scientists believe that it plays a key part in many important bodily processes, with particular emphasis of those processes taking place in the brain. There are many different types, but L-Glutamine in particular seems particularly integral to proper brain function.

They system for processing this amino acid in the body is known as the glutamine system. Scientists believe it underlies many other key functions including muscular generation, regulation of PH levels in the urinary system, providing energy for food synthesis in the gut as well as fuel for white blood cells which underpin our immune system. Glutamine also allows the organs to synthesise nitrogen and glucose. When it comes to the brain, Glutamine drives the creation of important neurotransmitters and the production of a key antioxidant known as gluthione. This research can be read here.

In the past L-glutamine has been very popular among athletes and bodybuilders due to its reported effects on muscle recovery and Human Growth Hormone production. These effects are reported here. Athletes taking Glutamine started to anectodotally report improvements on mental clarity which started to encourage scientists to investigate the claims.

We will evaluate some of the evidence for the brain boosting properties of Glutamine further down in this post. You might start to understand why HealthyNUliving decided to include L-Glutamine into their proprietary blend for Nu-Brain Plus formula.

Quick Summary Of The Possible Brain Boosting Effects Of L-glutamine:

Neurotransmitters. L-glutamine is a prerequisite to the stimulatory neurotransmitter glutamate and also aspartate as well as important neurotransmitter Gamma aminobutyric acid. Together these neurotransmitters are strongly implicated in mental sharpness, sustained focus, mental recall and overall mental affect.

Cortex Inflammation. The bodies immune system draws heavily on the resources provided by fuelling the production of antibodies which fight cytokinetic infection and inflamation. Did you know that our body produces a waste product in the form of ammonia? L-Glutamine allows the brain to detoxify this ammonia and convert it into inert waste products that are more readily expelled by the body through the urinary system. Without sufficient L-Glutamine the brain can accumulate problematic levels of this toxic ammonia.
Cortisol Synthesis. When we are subjected to stress, cortisol builds up in the body and causes the cells to operate sub-optimally. L-glutamine is a power booster to the cells and allows them to process the excess cortisol and eliminate it. From there the brain and body can resume optimal performance. If you have a stressful life at times, you will probably be very happy to hear that HealthyNuliving have included powerful L-Glutamine in their proprietary blend of Nu-Brain Plus.

HealthyNUliving Nu-Brain Plus Formula Has L-Glutamine – Quick Summary Of WHY

The brain needs Glutamate. L-Glutamine is the precursor to Glutamate production. So what is a precursor you ask? A precursor is a chemical compound that precedes or comes before another. So in this sense Glutamate can be viewed as the successor compound to L-Glutamine. The body needs Glutamate but cannot produce it with L-Glutamine.

Broadly speaking, the brain has two types of cells that are involved in the firing of synapses. There are presynaptic cells and postsynaptic cells. Glutamate is released from presynaptic cells in the brain. When it is released, the Glutamate has what is known as an excitatory effect. This simply means that they increase the chance of the synapse firing.  When your synapses are firing you feel more alert and close to peak performance.

That sounds great right? But what if the glutamate causes our synapses to be over-excited. Well that would be bad and potentially toxic. Guess how to avoid this? You guessed it, you need adequate resources of the incredible L-Glutamine.

If you have sufficient L-Glutamine, you brain has enough fuel to bring you up to peak performance, but also to pump the brakes (by converting L-Glutamine into another neurotransmitter called GABA) when required.

Let’s use a driving metaphor! You cannot effectively drive a race car without a gas pedal, but you also need to be able to brake if things get hectic. L-Glutamine is in charge of both of these processes in the body. If you lack this neurotransmitter, you are at risk of this process being completely out of wack.

Many people are lacking L-Glutamine in their diets and the result is they feel sluggish or stressed out….or a combination of the two. Fortunately, you can take HealthyNuliving Nu-brain plus formula to keep your brain supplied with all of the L-Glutamine that it needs.

Ok HealthyNUliving Nu-Brain Plus Formula Contains L-Glutamine, How Will The Brain Use It?

L-glutamine is used by the brain in several ways. I think that the most important ways are as follows:

Balanced Brain – Do you remember where I said that the brain needs Glutamate to function at optimal level. Well the only way the brain can get hold of glutamate is by converting L-glutamine. L-Glutamine is just essential for the whole process to work. This process is so important that the body uses nearly all of the fuel that sends up to the brain, just to keep this process functioning smoothly.

What happens if this process breaks down. It is believed that many serious disorders are a result of a failure of this process in the brain. For example depression,  anxiety and even substance addiction are suspected to be driven at least in part by a failure in this neurological process.  Please note – I am not suggesting that Nu-Brain plus can in any way treat these issues. I am talking about the glutamate/glutamine process in the brain. If you have these symptoms, you should consult a doctor. The study that I am referencing can be found here. And here!


How Will I Feel?

  • Have you ever been through a really bad patch in life where you were under more stress than usual? This could be physical (illness) or emotional. Research shows that Glutamine levels are massively depleted during such episodes. Source. Taking a high quality supplement that contains L-glutamine could help restore your Glutamate levels. HealthyNuliving’s Nu-Brain Plus formula contains this essential L Glutamine.
  • The science that we have talked about seems to suggest that a good source of L-glutamine can give you a better mood, give you a lot more mental and physical energy and reduce fatigue.
  • People who feel at peace and content usually have balanced amounts of L-Glutamine in the brain. The other evidence that I mentioned suggested you may feel less cravings for junk food and alcohol as well.
  • You can also improve your recovery from exercise and feel more energetic over all.
  • Best of all your brain will feel switched on in terms of clarity, processing speed memory and even creativity.