If you are taking Nu-Brain plus, chances are you are already serious about getting the most out of your brain. If that is the case you might be interested in doing everything you can to enhance cognition, alertness, memory and focus.

The good news is that I discovered something simple that most people can do at home to get an extra boost to their brain health. Guess what it is? Sleeping on your side.

Can Sleeping On Your Side Enhance the Effects Of Nu-brain plus formula?

I just read this very interesting study which talked about the glymphatic system in the brain. Apparently this system is responsible for draining the toxins that accumulate in our brains. If these toxins build up in our brains, we can experience problems with cognition. Have you every felt like you had a “foggy brain” where you just knew your brain clarity was far below it’s best? This may be because of an accumulation of brain toxins. Possibly your glymphatic system is struggling to eliminate the toxins in your brain.

In my experience Nu-brain plus formula and other nootropics (brain boosters) greatly help with my mental abilities. I am always looking for ways to improve memory and get the most out of the brain that I am stuck with. But why stop there, if there is something very easy that you could do at home to boost your brain?

I discovered a recent study which seemed to confirm that sleeping on your side alone can work hand in hand with nootropics like Nu-Brain plus formula by boosting the glymphatic system.

If you have time to read it, the study can be found here.

I will summarize what the study says about the glymphatic system:

The glymphatic pathway [in the brain] expedites clearance of waste, including soluble amyloid(A) to prevent amyloid plaques from accumulating in the brain. Researchers have shown that patients suffering from chronic impairment of glymphatic pathway function due to traumatic brain injury are vulnerable to tau aggregation and the onset of neurodegeneration. These patients have an increased chance of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (Iliff et al., 2014).

Which Sleeping Position Is Best To Boost The Glymphatic System?

First let me clarify something. I am not saying that Nu-Brain Plus formula will help your glymphatic system. I cannot make any health claims about Nu-brain plus formula. All I can tell you that in my experience, the ingredients in Nu-Brain Plus formula seemed to boost my mental clarity and focus. If you combine this with the best possible sleep position you should be able to help the glymphatic system eliminate toxins in your brain. Imagine the possibilities of sleeping the right way with a regular dose of Nu-Brain Plus formula?

What I can say is that this study claims to have found a significant link with sleeping position and optimal glymphatic system function.

Researchers confirmed that glymphatic transport and clearance was superior in the lateral and supine sleeping positions. The researchers proposed that sleeping on your side has evolved to optimize waste removal during sleep and that posture is considered ideal for glymphatic transport.

Brain Drain

Think of the glymphatic system as like a “brain drain” If you sleep on your stomach, your brain drain is partly blocked. This means that there is a greater risk of toxins building up.

My Tip

If you really want to enhance your brain and improve mental clarity, you should combine Nu-Brain Plus formula with a side or back sleeping position.

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